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Andrew Kohler Piano, Professionally Refurbished

For inquiries, please contact Brigham Larson, Registered Piano Technician, at (801) 830-0011

For an appointment to view this piano, please contact Karmel at (801) 427-9293

Make: Andrew Kohler

Model: Spinet

Serial Number: 16789

Video and photos of this piano:


A. Vitals
1. Make: Andrew Kohler
2. Model: Spinet
3. Serial number: 16789
4. Year of manufacture: 1957
5. Finish: black
6. Dimensions: 36.5" high x 57.5" wide x 24" deep
B. Condition
1. Interior (the instrument)
a. Tuning: tuned last on 6/9/10 to A-440 (international standard pitch)
b. Regulation & Action: good, regulated to proper specs
c. Pedals: Proper function, good condition
d. Soundboard: good condition
e. Pinblock: good condition, tuning pins are tight
f. Cleanliness: very clean
2. Exterior (the cabinetry)
a. Finish: black, minor signs of wear.
b. Keys: good condition
c. Pedals: brass, mirror shine
d. Brass hardware: overall good condition, some scuffing visible
C. Included items with the piano
1. Bench: unfortunately, this piano did not come with a bench. Please view our website for bench options.
2. Warranty against sticking keys, squeaks, action problems of any kind for 1 year-UT and SL Counties at no extra cost.
3. Delivery options are available for this piano. Please contact Brigham at 830-0011 for delivery options.


A. Tone: Good. It tunes up quite well. Good sustain. Sounds better than most other comparable spinets.
B. Touch: The functioning of the action is correct. Consistent touch from one note to the next.
C. The musician in me: this piano would be great for a beginning or intermediate pianist. No "red flags," it has many, many years of good service left in it. I like playing this piano.


A. I am a professional, full-time piano technician since 1995.
B. In addition to piano tuning and repair in homes, churches, and schools, I sell pianos out of my home.
C. Registered Technician (RPT) since 2003
D. Training & Experience
1. Apprenticeship 1995
2. Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) member since 1999
3. Attended many, many industry trainings, workshops, seminars, and conventions; combining the latest in new technology and time-honored craftsmanship.
4. I have worked on about 10,000 pianos in a professional capacity
5. Thousands of local customers. Feel free to ask for references
6. BA in history from BYU
E. Personal
1. I live in Cedar Hills
2. 5 wonderful children, and my wife is Mrs Utah! Really!


A. Reasonable Pricing: As a one-man/family operation, my overhead is very low. I pass that on to the customer, as my prices attest. You don't pay for retail space, staff or sales people, store utilities, or big-budget marketing.
B. Condition
1. I spend many, many hours repairing where needed, regulating, tuning, and cleaning where needed in every piano I sell.
2. The vast majority of used pianos on ksl haven't been seen by a professional for at least a year or two, often more than ten years. They usually require an extensive amount of costly work: repair, tuning, regulation, cleaning, replacement of worn or missing parts. All of this work is already done on my pianos, bringing you the highest value for each piano.
C. Delivery: I can deliver my pianos to Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Please contact me for details and delivery options: (801) 830-0011.
D. Bench: Most of my pianos include a durable, high-quality bench with a music compartment. Please see our website for other bench options.
E. Tuned: My pianos come tuned to A-440, the international standard pitch.
F. Clean: My pianos are immaculately clean. Where needed, all wood & metal-inside & out-has been cleaned, polished & oiled to perform with the highest standards you would expect.
G. Warranty: I guarantee my pianos against sticking keys, squeaky pedals or action, or any other similar issues for a full year in Salt lake and Utah counties. Should any problems occur, I will be out as soon as possible to correct the issue for no extra charge.
H. Me!! When you buy a piano from me, you get a highly experienced piano technician for life. Pianos require semi-annual or annual maintenance. I will stand by my pianos; I hope to form a professional relationship with you, and would be delighted to become your regular service technician.

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